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P-F12: Your Picks Sucked Last Week & Other Week 8 NFL Results

Your picks sucked last week, what happened?

Not sucking is impossible.
I think people that bet on football must be morons. This is the most unpredictable sport known to man. I'm thankful it's only 25 bones to play here. Thanks G! (14 National Championships, CG, +4) Hockey is pretty unpredictable. -G

I suck. (BlitzKrieg, RK, +2) ...and I suck you suck we suck. -G

The NFL happened!! Any Given Sunday. (Cacti3, DCo, +3). Obviously it's Oliver Stone's fault. -G

Wish I knew...I guess the NFL happened...any given Sunday! (Gig'em!, AP, +3) Whoa. Coincidence? -G

It's not my fault that I suck.
See wha ha happen was...I was in a very bad spot emotionally.  I had gone off my diet, eaten way too many carbs and just wasn't feeling my old self.  My husband was buying me funnel cakes and pistolettes at the Rice Harvest festival and I felt he was trying to fatten me up like a turkey...a Thanksgiving turkey-with cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, pecan pie, millionaire pie, pie pie, chicken pot pie and I don't care. (Beelzebubbles, CCo, +4) Carbo-loading doesn't work for picking? -G

I was busy jumping out of a balloon from fucking space at 800+ mph with a bladder full of redbull. Cut me some damn slack. (Bourbon Street Bounty Hunters, JC, +3). And you did your picks from a cell phone? Nice. -G

Accidentally had a "-" in the formula where a "+" should have been. (Ferments-A-Lot, GN, +3)

Just when I thought I had it all figured out....reality check! (Chumlee Banditos, KP, +2) It's a beeaah. -G

I actually picked 100% last week, but Google docs corrupted the picks I submitted. (Chicainery, CCa, +5) Maybe I should switch to Apple. -G

Fucking Harmon! (Naked Bootleggers, JN, +3) Don't trust the computers. -G

Temporary insanity! (JoeMama_TheGreek, JHu, +3) Crazy -G

I let my wife pick them....NEVER AGAIN. (Pimp Possee, JBe, +3) Two hours of extra cleaning time seems an appropriate punishment. -G

The damn league is all over the place...and my voodoo dolls aren't working this year. (WhoDat4Life, Lo, +3) That was the replacement refs' problem too. -G

I don't suck, you suck.
Naw.  I did my normal crappy pics just like every week.  Everybody else just dropped to my level. (Kentucky Wildmen, GF, +4) So this is what it feels like to be you. -G

My picks didn't suck. Your picks must have really sucked. If my picks would have sucked its because I was going through my binder of women. Someone please tell me why this comment is now everywhere? (Large Donkey IPA, KS, +3) I'm rubber, you're glue. -G

Oklahoma sucks.
The OU/UT game put me in the wrong frame of mind for picking winners. Flashbacks of Trey Millard hurtling over a defender while stiff arming a cornerback with Case McCoy getting trucked by the sideline referee is just too much to overcome when filling out an NFL card. (Replacement Picks, ANe, +4) Even Texas' "Get back coach" sucked that game. -G

I picked all my NFL winners based on the number of UT players on each team.  The team with the most former UT players was chosen to win.  I have since learned that I need to use the reverse logic if I want to have any chance of choosing correctly. (SITKNM, JHa, +3) I know, it still hurts. -G

Dallas sucks.
Well I finally picked against the cowboys! (AccidentChild, MN, +3)

Romo. (Levain’s Cookies, A-C, +3) I know. -G

There's a gambling rule for that.
Negative body clocks! I should have known! (A Northmen, ANo, +4) For real. -G

Too much advice from Dimetrios Georgios Synodinos, a.k.a. Jimmy "The Greek". (Bevo XIV, DW, +5) Clever -G

I went home, visitor, home, visitor. What, no good? (One Man Wolf Pack, MF, +3) Yeah, no. -G

I wasn't drinking when I made my picks. (The Chex Mixers, KW, +3) Always drink while pickmmmin. -G

I was always that's why my picks always suck! (The Mad Bomber, KZ, +3) Like I always say, never drink while picking 'em. -G

It's Obama's fault.
Obama. (Monsters of the Midway-JBi, & TXH8R-DT +2) Are your picks better today than they were four years ago? -G


The tradition of picking ‘em has a rich history, dating back to . It seems odd that only four perfect cards have ever been submitted. Over a decade of playing. Twenty or so teams. Around seventeen weeks a year. Two contests.

This week One Man Wolfpack (MF) went 13 for 13 with his NFL picks, making him only the third picker in Pickem-Football history to file a perfect NFL card.
Of course, in the steroid and juiced ball era – eh just kidding. Well done One Man Wolfpack. That was fun. 2012 Week 8 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

Weekly Winner = 3pts. MF (13/13 picks)

Double Digit Card (12+) = 3pts. GN, GF, JN, KP, MF, DD, SE

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. (55% of league) GN, DW, KS, CCo, DCo, CG, JBe, MN, JC, AP, KP, DD, Lo, DT, JHu, ANe

Double D (DD) takes the lead! 66%. Nice.


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