P-F12: Week 7 NCAA Results

You know from yesterday's post what happened on Saturday. For the most part, I don't want to talk about it.

Sometimes it is best to look at things from a completely different perspective.

You didn't think I'd cue up some OU celebration right there, did you?


I should have put some stuff here.
Pickem-Football.com 2012 Week 7 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard
Here is how bonus points were tallied.

Weekly Winners = 3pts. DD (12/15 picks)

Double Digit Card (10+) = 3pts. ANo, KZ, CCa, GF (11), CCo (11), MN, AP, DD (12), DT, JHu

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. (55% of league) GN, DW, KS, CCo, DCo, CG, JBe, MN, JC, AP, KP, DD, Lo, DT, JHu, ANe

Game of the Week = 3pts (USC/LSU)). ANo, KW, DW, KH, KZ, KS, GF, A-C, CG, JBe, MN, JN,  AP, MF, DD, Lo, DT, JHu

Best Bets (three correct picks needed) = 5pts. CCa, CCo, DD, JBe, KP

More QB Turnovers (Ash=3, Jones=1)= 2pts. ANo, AP, DT, DW, JC, JHa, JHu, JN, KP, KS, KZ, Lo

Shout out to Chumlee Banditos (KP) for getting both bonus questions.



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