P-F12: Week 17 NFL Results

text updated 12/25/12 4:35 PM

Pickem-Football.com 2012 Week 17 NFL Card
Week 17 NFL Scoreboard Link


It was a good day for the dog.
AGAINST THE SPREAD: New Orleans Saints +3.5 @ Dallas Cowboys -3.5 (2 pts)
AGAINST THE SPREAD: Minnesota Vikings +7.5 @ Houston Texans -7.5 (2 pts)

Below is a breakdown of the points:
4 pts: DW, RK, CCa, KH, MF, JBe
2 pts: CG, MN, CCo, JC, DD, GN, AP, JHu, JN, ANe, JHa, SE, Lo
0 pts: everyone else.


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