P-F12: Remember this one? Week 10 NFL Bonus

Name one thing worse than an Eagles/Saints Monday Night Football game.

Team Name
14 National ChampionshipsCGThe saints losing said contestThey won. Yay! +3
A NorthmenANoA double header:
Haa. +3
AccidentChildMNChargers' defense on Monday night?Is that really worse though? Offense! +3
BeelzebubblesCCowarts on your eyeballsYeah. That's worse. +4
Bevo XIVDWThe NHL Strike. It's killing me.If you had said no NHL playoffs, then that would be worse. +3
BlitzKriegRKA Chiefs/Chargers Thursday night game.Thursday>

Monday? +3
Bourbon Street Bounty HuntersJC1. Coming back from 23-0 deficit only to shit the bed and lose anyway. #cowboys

2. Notre Dame having a shot to play for a national championship. #mirage

3. Honey. Boo. Boo.
Which one of those is bad? +4
ChicaineryCCaA kick in the ass. A kick in the ass is good sometimes. +3
Chumlee BanditosKPJags/Browns

Close second 49ers/Cardinals from Monday night
A little worse. +3
Double DDDA root canal, while watching wnba, and listening to a Lawrence Welk marathon. Oh wait, I think that IS an Eagles/Saints MNF game.Fantastic. +5
Ferments-A-LotGNRegular season Astros games.Just saying. +3
Gig'em!APLSU's defense on the game winning drive last night...Definitely not good. +3
Large Donkey IPAKSCancerCancer jokes are hard to pull off. Definitely bad though. +3
Levain's CookiesA-CAn Obama victory party Tuesday night.All parties are good though. +3
Mr. SmokeypantsKHOne thing? Everything. It's football on a week night. And it's not on PST. Bless you boys! Geaux Saints!! Free Payton!!! Praise Breesus!!!! Progressive exclamations! +4
Naked BootleggersJNHaving to watch Reality TV because there is no football on Monday Night.Honey Boo Boo is good, I hear. +3
One Man Wolf PackMFA chiefs/jaguars Monday night gameVery true. +3
Pimp PosseeJBeChargers/Chiefs Thursday night game....BUT, I will take that over no football!I'd watch XFL. +3
Replacement PicksANeSandusky Waaay worse. +3
SITKNMJHaAn Alabama/LSU National championship gameI like that answer. Most ppl here won't, but I bet you knew that. +4
The Chex MixersKWEating all of your vegetables.Add cheese. +4
The Mad BomberKZLSU calling a timeout before a field goal against bama thus wasting our last timeout and losing the game!!! We had them!! Come on man!+4. I like the thus.
TXH8RDTMy NFL picks!You said it, not me. +3
WhoDat4LifeLoanother bountygate referenceMore –gates! +3



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