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P-F12: Remember this one? Week 13 NFL Bonus

What Thanksgiving dish are you most thankful for?

Team NameAnswerComment
14 National ChampionshipsCGAll of it son!!! Pie...All of the pie. Or all of it, and pie too? +3
A NorthmenANopumpkin pie : -) I have a bit of a sweet tooth I don't know how you eat it w/o Cool Whip. +3
BeelzebubblesCCoDish networkHaa! +4
Bevo XIVDWThe big bird!Does Big Bird taste like chicken? +3
Bourbon Street Bounty HuntersJCSweet potatoes!Do you like them with all the marshmallows? I'm going to assume that is your favorite part, and that makes this only worth +3
ChicaineryCCaBaked sweet potatoes with pecans and brown sugar.That's what I'm saying. +4
Chumlee BanditosKPTurkeyTurkey needs help to be real good… you gotta admit. +3
Double DDDTurkey and turkey gravy. Because they're just that good.Gravy needs a little turkey. Turkey needs a lot of gravy. +3
Ferments-A-LotGNGravy. Good on everything.Everything. +3
Gig'em!APCranberry Sauce...I know you can get it year around, but it just tastes sooo damn good on Turkey Day!Agreed. +3
JoeMama_TheGreekJHuPumpkin pieIf you had said "with Cool Whip," it would have earned you an extra point. +3
Kentucky WildmenGFHomemade dressing. Not that stovetop crap!!! A mix of cornbread, chicken, egg and a whole bunch of other stuff. Top it off with some giblet gravy. Hmm-hmm!!!! That is a true southern dish!!!Love. Dressing. +4
Large Donkey IPAKSI answered this last week! So I will give you another! You know a turducken, right? Well I prefer the EATURDUCK. I won't give it away but it's even better than the kolaches.Duck inside a turkey inside Erin Andrews. If you had said a EAKEVSAGE I would have given you 5 points. +4
Levain's CookiesA-CBourbon. Classic. +3
Mr. SmokeypantsKHPopeye's fried turkey, sweet potato pone, and a little piece of Padma on the sideI got nothing on that. +4
Naked BootleggersJNTurkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, condiment tray, orange jello, pumpkin pie. +4 for "condiment tray"
One Man Wolf PackMFCherry pie Interesting. I'm down. +3
Pimp PosseeJBeFried turkey. So much better that what mom ever madeFried turkey is the truth. +3
Replacement PicksANeBroccoli-cheese casserole! Tastes great and I can pretend it is really good for me!It has all the food groups. +3
SITKNMJHaChocolate pieDoes not have all the food groups. +3
Team AwesomeSETurkeyNeeds an and. +3
The Chex MixersKWCandied sweet potatoes, Let's bake sweet potatoes that have been literally smothered in sugar. Sinfully delicious.Literally. Yes. +3
The Mad BomberKZAs always my moms sweet potato poneBrother and sister both mentioned the same dish. You forgot Padma though. +3
TXH8RDTThe plate. I see what you did there. +3
WhoDat4LifeLoThe mashed sweet potatoes with bourbon...fattening food and liquor!Food and liquor. Lupe Fiasco approves. +3


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