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What Thanksgiving dish are you most thankful for?

Team NameAnswerComment
14 National ChampionshipsCGAll of it son!!! Pie...All of the pie. Or all of it, and pie too? +3
A NorthmenANopumpkin pie : -) I have a bit of a sweet tooth I don't know how you eat it w/o Cool Whip. +3
BeelzebubblesCCoDish networkHaa! +4
Bevo XIVDWThe big bird!Does Big Bird taste like chicken? +3
Bourbon Street Bounty HuntersJCSweet potatoes!Do you like them with all the marshmallows? I'm going to assume that is your favorite part, and that makes this only worth +3
ChicaineryCCaBaked sweet potatoes with pecans and brown sugar.That's what I'm saying. +4
Chumlee BanditosKPTurkeyTurkey needs help to be real good… you gotta admit. +3
Double DDDTurkey and turkey gravy. Because they're just that good.Gravy needs a little turkey. Turkey needs a lot of gravy. +3
Ferments-A-LotGNGravy. Good on everything.Everything. +3
Gig'em!APCranberry Sauce...I know you can get it year around, but it just tastes sooo damn good on Turkey Day!Agreed. +3
JoeMama_TheGreekJHuPumpkin pieIf you had said "with Cool Whip," it would have earned you an extra point. +3
Kentucky WildmenGFHomemade dressing. Not that stovetop crap!!! A mix of cornbread, chicken, egg and a whole bunch of other stuff. Top it off with some giblet gravy. Hmm-hmm!!!! That is a true southern dish!!!Love. Dressing. +4
Large Donkey IPAKSI answered this last week! So I will give you another! You know a turducken, right? Well I prefer the EATURDUCK. I won't give it away but it's even better than the kolaches.Duck inside a turkey inside Erin Andrews. If you had said a EAKEVSAGE I would have given you 5 points. +4
Levain's CookiesA-CBourbon. Classic. +3
Mr. SmokeypantsKHPopeye's fried turkey, sweet potato pone, and a little piece of Padma on the sideI got nothing on that. +4
Naked BootleggersJNTurkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, condiment tray, orange jello, pumpkin pie. +4 for "condiment tray"
One Man Wolf PackMFCherry pie Interesting. I'm down. +3
Pimp PosseeJBeFried turkey. So much better that what mom ever madeFried turkey is the truth. +3
Replacement PicksANeBroccoli-cheese casserole! Tastes great and I can pretend it is really good for me!It has all the food groups. +3
SITKNMJHaChocolate pieDoes not have all the food groups. +3
Team AwesomeSETurkeyNeeds an and. +3
The Chex MixersKWCandied sweet potatoes, Let's bake sweet potatoes that have been literally smothered in sugar. Sinfully delicious.Literally. Yes. +3
The Mad BomberKZAs always my moms sweet potato poneBrother and sister both mentioned the same dish. You forgot Padma though. +3
TXH8RDTThe plate. I see what you did there. +3
WhoDat4LifeLoThe mashed sweet potatoes with bourbon...fattening food and liquor!Food and liquor. Lupe Fiasco approves. +3


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