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P-F12: Houston > Dallas ??

I'm not saying. I just made it a bonus question and will score you on the accuracy of your answer.

Houston is better than Dallas. Bizzaro world, or order restored?

  • Houston will never be better than Dallas. 5 rings baby (AccidentChild, MN)! Ha ha. Rings is the wrong answer. +2
  • SHUTYERFACE RIGHT NOW (Beelzebubbles, CCo)!!! Partial credit. +3
  • Bizzaro world of course. 2nd only to white guys with afros (Double D, DD). Da da da-da da-da da da daaaa da, afro cirucs, afro cirucs, polka dot, polka dot, polka dot +4
  • I would like to introduce you to the five Super Bowl trophies that refute that claim (Naked Bootleggers, JN). In 52 years. +2
  • It's nice to see the little brother win every now and then, so he can remain relevant (Replacement Picks, ANe). I put this answer up here, but it's hard for me to determine who is the little brother in your story. +3
  • Bizzaro World, no doubt (SITKNM, JHa). No diggity. +3
  • Houston who (TXH8R, DT)? You know, that city Oklahoma keeps falling in the Gulf. +3
  • So thankful that the Texans have made Dallas their little bitch in the state. The NFL should make them play every year to demoralize Jerry Jones and his plastic face (14 National Championships, CG). Plastic faces are normal in the D, no? +3
  • Love ya Blue! Order restored (A Northmen, ANo)! Now Houston has bulls on a parade. +3
  • San Antonio > Houston > Dallas. Everyone knows this (Ferments-A-Lot, GN). +3
  • Order restored! Dallas has always thought that they were better in Houston in every way from sports to their traffic. I consider myself a smart guy but when I drive around Dallas I can't ever figure out how I end up in Fort Worth or Arlington...seriously fix your roads Dallas (Chumlee Banditos, KP)! Houston traffic < Dallas traffic < Austin traffic +3
  • Order restored! It took a minute, but the Texans started their journey by beating the Cryboys back in 2002...and now have claimed the best team in Texas status (Gig'em!, AP). There are middle schoolers that have never seen a successful professional football team in Texas. +3
  • Everybody knows Dallas sucks, as long as Jerry Jones is in charge (JoeMama_TheGreek, JHu)! Are you sure it's just not the coach? +3  
  • Restored (Levain’s Cookies, A-C). Well stated. +1
  • It's always been this way (One Man Wolf Pack, MF). Some would say, and the other some.... I'm just the moderator here. +2 
  • Order restored. Dallas is no longer America's team. As long as a ginger, a romo and Mr Burns are running the show (Pimp Possee, JBe). "America's team" has always been a joke. I think we can all agree on that one! +4
  • Order restored!! Dallas only plays well when drug and prostitute induced (WhoDat4Life, Lo). Don't we all. Don't we all. +3  
  • It shall end as it began, the first game in Texans history, baby (Bevo XIV, DW)! Is there time before the Maya apocalypse? +5

  • Who's Texas regardless (Monsters of the Midway, JBi). But is Dallas really Texas? Really? +2
  • Order remains in tact in my reality as long as the Cowboys suck donkey balls. So, I'm good (Bourbon Street Bounty Hunters, JC). Put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em... Dallas. +3 
  • Neither one.  I'd say it reflects a normal cycle of ups and downs that all but the most successful or moribund of franchises go through.  Houston will fall short in the playoffs, and both cities will continue to pale in comparison to Austin (Chicainery, CCa). I fell asleep in the middle of this answer. Did anything happen? +3
  • Who gives a F&%^, it's Texas (Large Donkey IPA, KS). You are probably right. Nobody really cares about this stuff. +3


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