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P-F12: MNF Plans, Week 16 NFL Bonus


Your Plan
My Thoughts
14 National ChampionshipsCGWatch the replay of the SEC Championship which was a real football game. RMFT!Damn good football.
A NorthmenANoRun ;-) Any football is good background for running.
AccidentChildMNTo watch Miracle on 34th Street!I believe!
BeelzebubblesCCoI'm ashamed to say. Not even for points?
BlitzKriegRKI plan on sending Fireman Ed a paper bag big enough to fit around his oversized head and hat.Seriously, how is he a thing?
Bourbon Street Bounty HuntersJCSit around, watch the game, drink a 6 pack, and stick my Tebow voodoo doll full of pins. All in the crotch. You have a Tebow doll. Kewl.
ChicaineryCCaI'll be back in Germany and therefore asleep when the game is played.Right, so there is that.
Chumlee BanditosKPBoring I know but I am going to review my stock portfolio and prepare for the fiscal cliff we are about to go over.I find the cliff pretty scary. Afraid of heights. +3
Double DDDfloss my cat... no... home wallpaper shopping with the wife... oh wait... sheetrock the bathroom... no... schedule a root canal.I see what you did there. Like.

Ferments-A-LotGNLots of Tebowing.+3
Gig'em!APDo laundry and wash my hair.Like, for real? I can't tell.
JoeMama_TheGreekJHuOKC Thunder BasketballDurant! +3
Kentucky WildmenGFPull out my season pass manager and watch Gold Rush. At least they (crew of Gold Rush) are entertaining.I had to google that, but it looks better than the game. +3
Large Donkey IPAKSWatch Chris Johnson lead the way to the fantasy Super Bowl Ha. Nice.
Levain's CookiesA-CWill be out shopping for AFC South Championship gear.Take that, Bud Adams! +3
Monsters of the MidwayJBi
Mr. SmokeypantsKHReport a missing person: TEBOWWWTD? Just win. +3
Naked BootleggersJNI'll probably be playing dolls with my 3 year old. When is her bedtime!? +3
One Man Wolf Pack MFMight watch a qtrSpoiler, it was all boring. +2
Pimp PosseeJBeWatch the 2-11 Chiefs vs. the 3-10 Oakland Raiders first!15-0. Wow.
Replacement PicksANeIf football is on, I am watching it! We are on the last stretch of real sports, can't miss any games no matter who is playing.Word. I watched it.
SITKNMJHaGo to bed early...unless there really are "Tits"!!I thought you were an ass man. +3
Team AwesomeSENot to watch it I don't blame you. +2
The Chex MixersKW
The Mad BomberKZ
WhoDat4LifeLoChristmas Shopping it'll be less painfulBut the way Sanchez runs that offense...

(I should lose points for not posting this sooner, +5)
Bevo XIV (DW): New drinking game:

1 drink
Tebow is shown on camera on bench after a bad play
Tebow takes a snap
Camera shot of Rex Ryan after a bad play
ESPN mentions how Jets need to win to stay in playoff hunt

2 drinks
Rex Ryan seen saying an expletive
Sanchez turns ball over
A quote from a Jets player from the last week is discussed

3 drinks
Sanchez and bench used in same sentence
Fireman Ed referred to
Vince Young is referred to

Chug entire drink
Sanchez runs into linemans butt and fumbles for return TD
Kendall Wright catches a 50+ yard TD pass
Jets win because of Tebow comeback


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