P-F10: Week 13 NFL Bonus - Turducken

Turducken is pretty genius. What football player or personality would be even better with another player, personality, or celebrity stuffed inside?

Team Name Answer Points Comments
ANo Northmen Ed Hockuley stuffed into Madden with a splash of Al Michaels 5 Ed's the man.
GN Ferments-A-Lot Every touchdown shown on the NFL Redzone channel stuffed inside Gus Johnson. Delisioso! 5 Daayyaammnn! Great answer, me.
KW The Swinging Richards William Perry stuffed with OJ Simpson. 5 OJ in The Fridge. +1000!
DW Bevo XIV I prefer me some Ines Sainz stuffed with Jillian Barberie to get the blonde/brunette, high voice/low voice with a slight accent combo. 5 Awesomely technical.
KH Smokey's Bandits Stuff VY with Dick Butkus so he won't be such a baby. 3 -2 for stuffing anything with Dick.
WH The Cheerios Jessica Simpson stuffed inside Eric Johnson, mostly to muffle Jessica Simpson's aimless shrieking. 5 …says the baby.
KZ Duffy charles barkley inside terry bradshaw 5 At Whole Foods, they would sell the "soy" version… the Frank Caliendo stuffed inside the Frank Caliendo
CCa Novacain I would enhance Erin Andrews by stuffing her with...myself. 5 Gross. I think EA is a vegetarian.
KS Large Donkey Circus Seriously....again....stuffing something/someone inside a celebrity.....are you trying to make me do it again....Philip Rivers stuffed inside Peyton Manning stuffed inside Tom Brady would be a solid quarterback....we could just call it a Drew Brees.....suck it cowboys. 5 …for the last part.
JH Nothing to Lose I have to go with Brett Favre stuffed inside Jenn Sterger. 3 Shouldn't Favre be stuffed inside his wife? -2
GF Kentucky Snowman
A-C The Nine-Five How about Gary Kubiak with a personality?  Really, anyone's will do. 5 No, hell no. That's on me.
CCo Beelzebubbles I would take Eli Manning and stuff him with snookie from jersey shore. All Orange with a poof. I could say more but my hair hurts from turkey celebrations. 5 I would ask, but I don't think I want to know more.
DC Cacti3
DD Dave's Bonus Marion Barber and Michael Vick. The second coming of Jim Brown. 3 Which one gets stuffed inside? -2
CG 13 National Championships I doubt Drew Brees can get any better, he already has Jesus stuffed in him. Breesus. 5 Well played.
JM The Red Raiders VICK and OWENS 3 That would be one disagreeable mthrfkr. And who's on the inside? -2
JB Pimp Possee BraDrew UrBreeslacker 5 +2 for name creativity.
JN Naked Bootleggers Farvlisberger. This way we would only have to hear about one football player's man parts.  3 Not as tasty as the Kobe Farvlisberger w/ Cablinasian. -2
MN Football is Fun john madden stuffed w/pat summerall 5 Yes.
ANe Accidental Champs T.O. with John Maddon.  3 How do you get Madden inside T.O.? And, does that make him more palatable?
RK BlitzKrieg
MF One Man Wolfpack Randy Moss stuffed with some Andre Johnson humility might do Randy wonders 5 Why ruin a good Andre Johnson though? That is like stuffing a steak with hamburger.
Lo WhooDat4Life Jerry Jones if you stuffed him with Al Davis, he would have fired everybody a long time ago! 3 I'm a Cowboy hater and I think that is a bad idea. Jones is a supermodel to Davis' trailer trash.
AP Gig'em I'll answer this after Black Friday... 0 Yeah, but you didn't.


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