P-F10: Week 10 NFL Results (Super Big Two Week Wrap-up Post)

(last updated 11/9/10 11:36 AM)

Same as yesterday, I promise to get caught up on both of these contests before the weekend is over.

Current NFL Leaderboard:

12:42 PM: Thank goodness for the NFL Redzone channel. Another seemingly boring slate of games are made more interesting by their coverage. It's a good time to dig into last week's wrap up.

12:45 PM:
What happened last week - Week 9 NFL Scoreboard
What happened this week - Week 10 NFL Scoreboard

12:54 PM: Week 9 NFL Bonus -

ANo, Northmen - "That couldn't be me because I'm straight cc: @Sterger69 @RealCommishTagliabue" (FTW! +5)
GN, Ferments-A-Lot - "I've seen a lot of cocks in my life, but I've never seen that one... although it looked pretty friggin' nice #justsaying cc @gregoden" (" +4)
KW, The Swinging Richards - "Well uh, let's be honest folks, that couldn't have possibly been me, I wear no-fly jeans." (+3)
DW, Bevo XIV - "If you think that's all I got, I will demonstrate my manhood if you just DM me your cell." (+4)
KH, Smokey's Bandits - "That junk aint mine.  Where's the Super Bowl ring?  [pic of junk with Super Bowl c___-ring to follow]" (I'd like to point out that this marks the 2nd straight bonus answer that KH dropped a "c___" bomb in +4)
WH, The Cheerios - "I didn't see the pictures (I'm a baby) and I don't really want the image in my little baby head.  I do like my own junk and by that I mean b" (Parents take pictures of their baby's junk all the time. Why do we get so ashamed of it when it grows up? +2)
KZ, Duffy - 0
CCa, Novacain - "http://thisIsWhatMyDongActuallyLooksLike.com" (I tried to check out that website... didn't work +4)
KS, Large Donkey Circus - "Obviously, it wasn't my junk with all the Vicodin I took back in the 90's I haven't had an erection in 15 years (Cialis/Viagra-any interest)" (Strong case there +4)
JH, Nothing to Lose - "Obviously that's not mine, I'm circumcised!" (Strong case there too +3)
GF, Kentucky Snowman - "Those are mine.  My junk is bigger." (Confusing. Fitting. +3)
A-C, The Nine-Five - "That text was intercepted... I'll do a better job of protecting the ball from now on" (What, no moving the stick joke also? +3)
CCo, Beelzebubbles - "That's definitely  not me, you know I'm black right?" ("black down there" woulda earned an extra point +3)
DC, Cacti3 - 0
DD, Dave's Bonus - "c'mon man, that can't be my junk.... it doesn't have my green bay tattoo and my jets tattoo and my vikings tattoo..." (the idea of c0ck tattoos is giving me pains right now, but if anyone was going to tattoo their dong with their team, Favre might be on the list of candidates. +3)
CG, 13 National Championships - I refuse to answer this for many reasons. One - I cannot stand the man or the amount of press he receives daily from the media and my commish. Two - I don't comment on other mens junk unless we are talking about John Holmes who was more than a man, he was a machine. (+2 for calling me "press." My interest in Farve is purely entertainment. I want him to be an unbelievable success or a colossal failure. Nothing in between. I hated him w/ the Jets, but that's b/c I didn't know he was dong shotting himself.)
JM, The Red Raiders - 0
JB, Pimp Possee - "Clearly the photos ms sterger claims to be me, are that of a much younger man..." (Like +4)
JN, Naked Bootleggers - "Everyone knows the state of Mississippi is tattooed on my junk." (More dong tattoo tweets. Hrm. +3)
MN, Football is Fun - "Uncut!" (+3)
ANe, Accidental Champs - "Showed commish real deal, he agreed. Not my junk!" (Not Goodell's first dong inspection, I imagine. +4)
RK, BlitzKrieg - I haven't seen the picture that Sterger received, but I always assume if someone is going to send a picture as such, it would be a video capture pic of John Holmes in his prime. I suppose a Favre tweet might go: "Ask Tony #Kornheiser and John #Madden what my #prick looks like. They've been on my #jock for years." (FTW! +5... and summary video with pics at the end can be found at Deadspin)
MF, One Man Wolfpack - "The wife can confirm that it's not mine, not even the same color or girth" (I don't know why, but your tweet just inspired me to write "Jesus doesn't fap" +4)
Lo, WhooDat4Life - "That was clearly not my bird pic, I don't have herpes..." (ew. +3)
AP, Gig'em - "I don't even know what "tweet" is...much less how to send a picture using my phone. I'm 41...we didn't have cell phones growing up." (Didn't some athlete already use the technology excuse this year? +3)

2:28 PM: From the #awesome archives, here is an old video I never posted.

Michael Vick vs. Kevin Kolb

2:31 PM: While I was eating my way from Austin to Houston... this is what apparently happened.

Point summaries for Week 9:
With only 13 NFL games on the schedule, the league average of 7 picks still seems pretty low. These picks are straight up. Maybe it speaks to the parity in the NFL... or in our league. Bevo XIV (DW) looks to have it figured out at the moment. He is picking 64%, but lost a point off his lead (CG and MF knocking on the door).

Weekly Stats:

Weekly Winner(s): JM, MF, AP (9) +3 bonus points
NFL dubs (12+): None  +3 bonus points
Bonus Question: See above.
Paid: KW, DW, KH, WH, KZ, KS, JH, DD, CG, JN, ANe, MF, Lo, AP +1

3:14 PM: Gus Johnson is calling the Lions/Jets game. Lovin' it. I can't explain my addiction. Thank you NFL Redzone channel. (and the game is in overtime... yesssssss)

Enjoy some of Gus' awesomeness below.

11/9/10 11:17 AM: Week 10 NFL Wrap-up.

Point summaries for Week 10:
Who among us doesn't like to talk about themselves above all things? Unless I'm really trying to avoid some difficult work, which is when my most inspired writing is done, I usually can't really think of what to put in this section. I want to put "I sucked this week" or "If this or that game had gone my way I would have won" or "HAHAHAHAHAHA Cowboys!!!!"... but what I usually put is something boring about a few games and a compliment/curse to the leader.

But this week... screw it. I, along with Pickem Dash newbie and MN, picked 12 of 13 NFL games correctly. I don't want to hear your snappy comebacks about how there weren't many upsets. Twelve of Thirteen, baby. If it were easy, why didn't you pick 12 of 13? Suck it league, I was awesome for one week!

[picture me doing the game picking equivalent of "leaving it up there" after a big 3 pointer in basketball]

The top of the leaderboard is getting crowded. Watch out DW.

Weekly Stats:

Weekly Winner(s): GN, MN (12) +3 bonus points
NFL dubs (12+): GN, MN  +3 bonus points
Bonus Question: What game will have the lowest total (lowest combined score)?
Correct Answer: Mia/Bal=36, CCa, DW (Edgar Allan Poe vs. Don Shula's ghost... nice), CCo, MF, A-C, Lo, DD, GN, ANe
Paid: KW, DW, KH, WH, KZ, KS, JH, DD, CG, JN, ANe, MF, Lo, AP +1


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