P-F10: Week 12 NCAA Results

last updated 11/21/10 11:17PM

I hear Mr. Smokeypants (KH) is going to rock out with his gamecock out this week. Don't send any photos.

Oh wait, digging back through the emails, he said he would be ball hair out. Nevermind then... but still I don't want an MMS.

Thank you Cam Newton's Dad. Your dumbassery has replaced my previous media obsession of Brett Favre's dong.

How 'bout some scores?


The Pelini brothers are totally insane, and they are such sore losers its impossible not to have some Schadenfreude at their expense. Check out Carl Pelini attacking an Aggie storming the field after the big 9-6 win.
 Here is the story. LINK

For the most part, I like Aggie football. But Aggies, they are just different. (warning: man part violation in video)


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