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P-F10: Week 13 NCAA Bonus Question - Stuffed/Fried Side Dish

Stuffing meat and things in the turkey and/or frying it is like sooo oughts. What side dish would you improve by stuffing meat in it or frying it? 
  Your Team Name Answer Points Comments
ANo Northmen Fried green bean casserole, fair grounds style! 3 Yes
GN Ferments-A-Lot Pan fried sausage stuffed turkey stuffing kolaches 3 Yes
KW The Swinging Richards Deep Fried Candied Yams.  Nuf Said. 3 Yes
DW Bevo XIV Leaning toward breakfast fare, someday I want to try scrapple stuffed French Toast. 4 Scrapple, +1
KH Smokey's Bandits Erin Andrews is a tasty dish, but I'll leave that one to Kevin.  So, I'll go with a Cafe Du Monde beignet stuffed with a Nachitoches meat pie -- in other words sweet fried dough stuff with fried spicy meat. MMMmmm...Louisiana in my mouth. 5 EA, +1. Meat pie, +1
WH The Cheerios pumpkin roasted in maple syrup and brown sugar, then coated with Panko and deep fried, Japanese tempura style... nummy nummy.... 3 Can I come over?
KZ Duffy fried mashed potatoes 3 Yes
CCa Novacain You know, we really don't need to ruin all the side dishes for the vegetarians among us.  Newsflash: the addition of meat does not in fact make everything better.  Shouldn't we as a species make the effort to evolve beyond the practice of mistreating animals in factory farms, when there are more ethical and resource-efficient ways to obtain our protein?  I SAY YES. 0 Newsflash: This isn't to be taken seriously.
KS Large Donkey Circus Seriously, are you just trying to set me up for this....stuffing meat into something? I mean you are making this too I will give a legitimate favorite holiday dish is homemade macaroni and cheese, but using bigger noodles, perhaps penne paste and stuffing the noodles with bacon, pancetta, sausage, prosciutto or the link, then baking the macaroni and cheese sounds like delightful. 4 Thoughtful, +1, EA, +1. "Delightful", -1.
JH Nothing to Lose I'm trying really hard not to be dirty about the side dish I would stuff my meat into...too late.  I have to plea the 5th on this question. 2 Gross dude. I would have never thought! :) -1
GF Kentucky Snowman   0  
A-C The Nine-Five Jello Mold. 3 Hmm. Ok.
CCo Beelzebubbles I would have said David Collins but he said that already. 2 What is wrong with your family! -1
DC Cacti3 Me 2 You like meat inside you? -1
DD Dave's Bonus   0  
CG 13 National Championships fried sweet potatoes. get some motha... 3 Yes
JM The Red Raiders pizza 3 Why not.
JB Pimp Possee Fried pecan pie. It's awesome.  3 I want to try that.
JN Naked Bootleggers The only way I would possibly eat sweet potatoes is to fry it and then place a couple scoops of ice cream on it.  3 Sweet potato fries? Ketchup?
MN Football is Fun pecan pie 3 2nd reference, hmm.
ANe Accidental Champs Fried Sweet potatoes 3 Yes
RK BlitzKrieg Anything and everything can be improved by jamming bacon in or around it -- including bacon itself.  You probably think bacon-wrapped-bacon is silly.  Then you have never had it. 4 The anti-Cain. +1
MF One Man Wolfpack can you fry mashed potatoes stuffed with turkey?
3 Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do, yo.
Lo WhooDat4Life you could always stuff the dinner rolls with andoullie sausage...or maybe fry some broccoli with bacon.   hmmmm   bacon!! 3 Bacon, bacon, bacon.
AP Gig'em Again...will answer after Black Friday :) 0 Ugh, but you didn't.


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