P-F10: Week 10 NCAA Results (Super Big Two Week Wrap-up Post)

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Current NCAA Leaderboard:

11:00 AM: Before the day is over, I'll get all the Week 9 NCAA wrapped up. The football is slightly weak today. Arguably the best game of the day (TCU/Utah) is on opposite of the other best game of the day (Bama/LSU). On top of that, TCU/Utah is on CBS-CS and not available in HD, at least it is on my Comcastic cable carrier. NASCAR Nationwide and/or horse racing and/or ps3 may get some TV time today.

11:36 AM: Thirty six minutes into Week 10 game watching and there are already like 38 turnovers in the Michigan/Illinois game. But I know that 30 minutes from now that piece of information won't be very interesting. What would be interesting is the...
Week 10 NCAA Scoreboard

11:44 AM: Is anyone up on this Death to the BCS book? I haven't read a book since middle school (and when I say "read" I mean I got pretty close to finishing because it was short), but if I did read books, I would read this one. I did find a youtube video loosely based on the book though. Check it.

12:51 PM: I'm going to start getting caught up on last week.
Week 9 NCAA Bonus Question: College Gameday is visiting your favorite campus. How do you make sure that Lee Corso does not make it to the stage?

ANo, Northmen: Dress up as a stage hand and tell him the location has been changed. (+2)
GN, Ferments-A-Lot: Confuse him by only saying nothing but "not so fast my friend" when talking to him. (I'd give myself a 5, but +3)
KW, The Swinging Richards: Put his box of unsharpened pencils in the ladies room. (because Corso is too much of a gentleman to enter the ladies? +2)
DW, Bevo XIV: Hire Greg Davis as your offensive coordinator and you'll be guaranteed to be Lee Corso "proof." (penalty... pandering to the commish +2)
WH, The Cheerios: Put him in a room with a closet full of mascot costumes and ladies' footwear. (awesome, +4)
KZ, Duffy: 0
CCa, Novacain: hide the stage (+1)
KS, Large Donkey Circus: walk by him wearing an oversized Erin Andrews head or put a sign on a door across from his hotel room that says Free Vodka (no man can resist a giant EA head, +3)
JH,Nothing to Lose: Send him a picture of Brett Favre's dong and tell him to meet you at the hotel. (dong jokes are funny, +3)
GF, Kentucky Snowman: 0
A-C, The Nine-Five: Take away his hall pass.  Stuttering and side stepping will no longer be tolerated. (+2)
CCo, Beelzebubbles: Tell him i finally finished the Soybean crayon! (hear that? it's the sound of that one going over my head. +2)
DC, Cacti3: 0
DD, Dave's Bonus: Put a sign in all the local establishments... mascot heads... 2 for the price of 1. (Corso can't pass up giant head +3)
CG, 13 National Championships: You take his walking cane, aka his pencil from his room. He will stay in there looking for it and miss the show... (maybe he keeps his medicine in the pencil, +3)
JM, The Red Raiders: 0
JB, Pimp Possee: Take him to a costume shop where can dress up like a girl (Corso can't pass up a costume +2)
JN, Naked Bootleggers: Sometimes it appears that Corso makes it to the stage drunk, drugged, tired or even stoned.  If he can make it in those states the only way to insure he doesn't make it to the stage in Norman is to throw him in the Red River with a cement block tied to his ankles. (That's gangsterrr +3)
MN, Football is Fun: I do not know. (It's cool, man +0)
ANe, Accidental Champs: Pose as a Chinese government agent who is assigned to broker a deal to require all citizens of China to purchace a box of #2 pencils. (If anything, it'll be confusing +3)
RK, BlitzKrieg: Tell him that a naked Burt Reynolds is waiting for his sharpened pencil at the Tri-Lamb house. (Like. I'm not saying I like a naked Burt Reynolds, but what I'm saying... whatever +3)
MF, One Man Wolfpack: He's old, maybe you can switch his blood pressure meds with some sort of laxative. (Corso, questionable (sh!ts) +3)
Lo, WhooDat4Life: Give him the full salute from some bottomless cheerleaders. (Corso is asexual +2)
AP, Gig'em: Make him go "Ring Dunking" the night before... (Coincidentally, that is the correct answer for "How do you keep Jim Knox from making it to the sidelines. +3)

and the winner...
KH, Smokey's Bandits: Hire Clarence Carter to play at your frat party and invite the Gameday Crew.  Fowler will douche it up, drinking Southern Comfort in a corner while making fun of everyone in his head.  Herbie will be a giant [berger]-tease with the young nubiles. Desmond will get krunk and strike the heisman pose repeatedly -- annoying the fk out of everyone.  Meanwhile Corso is the hit of the party, breaking it down on the dance floor to Carter's biggest hit. Damn, he be strokin that's what he be doin. But near the end of the song, he slips on a drink which that soppy-douche Fowler spilled and breaks a hip. Sheeah! (oh yeah, +5)
2:51 PM: Michigan just won 67-65 over Illinois in 3OT. That is 132 points. I'm going to call it early and say no one gets this week's bonus question correct (highest total, nobody picked this game).

3:45 PM: Still looking for a reason to dislike Notre Dame? I grabbed this video link several weeks back and never got a chance to post it.

Notre Dirty

3:54 PM: I'm going to get Week 9 NCAA stuff out of the way early (i.e. before I finish this 4th beer and lose "motivation."

Point summaries for Week 9:
As you guys now know from my email message to you, I pretty much missed all of last weekend due to a bite from a Baylor Bear fan. Things I know: The league average was over 8, Texas really blows, Oregon could go out there in green man costumes and kick your arse, and KS is making a huge move to stay on top on the leaderboard.

(quick note... I finished that 4th beer... "motivation" is kind of "low" right "now"... here is the part of the day where updates slow down)

Weekly Stats:

Weekly Winner(s): JH (12) +3 bonus points
NCAA dubs (10+): KS, JH (12), GF, JN, Lo (11) +3 bonus points
Bonus Question: See above.
Paid: KW, DW, KH, WH, KZ, KS, JH, DD, CG, JN, ANe, MF, Lo, AP +1

4:15 PM: It is not really clear to me from the packaging. Is beef jerky health food?

4:22 PM: Two words I may, from now on, use air quotes when saying: "motivation" and "seriously" Try it. It never gets old.

5:47 PM: LSU is up by 10 on Bama. Nebraska/Iowa State is going into overtime. The reason I'm still paying attention to Iowa State is that if they win, it shows Nebraska sucks (good) and we may not suck as freaking hard as I've been telling people.

5:52 PM: Bama only down by 3 now. ISU in the hole in OT... check that, 5:54 PM... ISU TD... check that, 5:55 PM, ISU goes for 2 (the win) and misses. Game over.

6:11 PM: Judging by the face and the strange smacking, I'm pretty sure the my little boy just took a sip of my beer while I was setting all the TVs to the evening games. Whoops. He's wearing pink boots now, so I'm just going to chalk all this up to "that's what kids do."

Point summaries for Week 10:
11/7/10 10:17 PM: All scores are up. We had a 4-way tie for the top score (9). KW reclaimed the top spot in the NCAA contest by picking 9 (which was helped by the previous leader KS picking 4).

Weekly Stats:

Weekly Winner(s): DW, JM, Lo, AP (9) +3 bonus points
NCAA dubs (10+): None. +3 bonus points
Bonus Question: Highest Total. Illinois/Michigan = 132. No one picked this.
Paid: KW, DW, KH, WH, KZ, KS, JH, DD, CG, JN, ANe, MF, Lo, AP +1


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