P-F16 Week 14 Card and Scoreboard Links

Friends, another wonderful(ly awesome/terrible) NCAA regular season. Did you know this was the last week of your P-F16 NCAA Pick'em life? I bet General Wartz (JM) knows.

You bet General Wartz knows. He's friggin focused on his craft for 13 weeks and is picking 54% against the spread. That is at least enough to stay drunk in Vegas. 

But it is the last week of our P-F16 NCAA Pick'em life. Do you think that General Wartz is sitting behind the computer a little scared. Maybe he is a little depressed from that season long high of picking ass (tm). General Wartz has been beating the spread so hard, embarrassing our collective picking skillz, being the Man, and taking home that championship. General Wartz is the example. 

I can't even imagine the pressure General Wartz has to not totally blow this last card. What is going on between his temples? He probably isn't focused on anything else this week but filing a perfect NCAA card. He'd probably gladly share his card this week with us so we could copy/paste it. Then we could all bask in that last score.

Damn it's the last NCAA week.

NCAA Pick'em

NFL Pick'em


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