P-F16 Week 3 NFL Bonus: We banned Baylor from P-F16 last week. What should we ban in the NFL?

Protesting is easy. Protesting is kind of fun. Life is often too stable, and from what Jurassic Park taught me about Chaos Theory, protesting feels right because it probably is right. Therefore henceforth and until such time as we lose interest, we shall balance the P-F force and protest something NFL. What is your vote?

We should ban banning. It's offensive.
-Huntwick Hosers (+1)
I know the anthem was on your mind, but JJ Abrams has already fixed America.

(Gig'em; I Look Good On Top; InnocentBystander; 16 National Championships +2)

Cleveland got a few votes. You think their owner cares what you think?

(Pimp Possee; One Little, Two Little, Three Little Donkeys; Butt Pickers +2)

It's also way too easy to ban the Cowboys. They have been banning themselves from the relevance for a generation.

(A Northmen; Phlying Hellfish +2. Phlying Hellfish +3 for banning Jerry Jones from decisions)

You guys, I'm not going to ban Tampa Bay, Kubiak, Peter King, Mark Sanchez, or Colt v Denver (defense!). Plus Sanchez gets a lifetime pass for gifting us butt fumble.

(Tannesaurus Rex; Accidentchild; Slay All Day; Crigga88; Alexandria Cyclones +2)

Bevo XV AND Shake and Baker both have great team names, and bot think Thursday Night games are lousy and they should be banned because NO THEY DON'T IT'S FOOTBALL DUDES. -2!

But let's talk about those color rush unis. We could probably ban those, but the Browns' unis are the sh!t. Amirite?

(Swamp Dogs +3)

Speaking of the Browns' uniforms, holy sh!t I googled "athletes peeing on the field" and got 210,000 results. I guess we could ban that, but sometime you gotta go.

(By the way, if you google "Browns uniforms are shit," you get 931,000 results! Beelzebubbles +3)

For some reason, Lost Cause wants to ban shots to the head. I don't get it though, because that is where shots are supposed to go. +2

Victor Cruz's TD dance?

I'm jus' keeding! (General Wartz +2)

If you write a whole paragraph about dancing for your answer, then I just quote you.
[Ban] celebration/taunting penalties, bring back the USFL days. You're a grown ass man, if you did your job better the other guy probably wouldn't taunt you, plus it could be a try out for next years dancing with the stars.
(Siemian's Stallions +4)

We are getting close to the end, and I need to pick something to ban. Defensive Holding! Let's do it. Defensive holding sucks and -- wait never mind

(One Man Wolfpack +3)

I'm biased, but I think we should ban whatever TV rule it is that keeps 2 FOX and 2 CBS games from being on TV every weekend. Alternating double header weekends and home team rules are stupid. +1000 me.

But seriously, if The Velvet Neutral Ground was in charge, he would ban Chris Berman, children, and light beer. He's more dangerous for America then Trump IMHO. -666

What. Do. We. Ban. ?? That Baylor sh!t was bad. Where's the yin to that yang? The ting to that tang tang?

The 3 piece, potato and a veggie goes to Creekside Body Count, who came up with the absolute best way to honor the ban.
Rather than a ban, the Patriots should be listed as the Cheating Chowder Heads on the card
We are totally doing that. +5


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