P-F14: Week 4 Results

How did you do in picking things this week?

Don't forget to look for the tabs on the upper left to see the leaderboard, etc. Week 4, like the week before, was a pretty sleepy week of football. NFL had a Super Bowl rematch that was epic-ish, Clemson/FSU wasn't really as good as the drama, your favorite team probably wo--holy sht did you see that Mississippi State guy stomp on LSU -- I mean stomp LSU -- I mean Mississippi State stomped LSU?

I guarantee you that no Aggie dude saw it because they were too busy spraying their man sauce all over the walls while watching that animal porn video.

I know you've been watching that on repeat, so I don't need to write much about it. Also, this guy already did it better. Let's not get all excited that the cadet did something that 9 out of every 10 normal people would have done. Let's get excited that he did it emoting some much aggyness. Hoot hoot to that.

But speaking of blowouts, how about those Lions!! I just can't watching this.

Another one bites the dust. Here's to you BlitzKrieg (RK).

BlitzKrieg also won the Week 4 NCAA Bonus: What would it take for Jimbo to dismiss Winston?
Any adult who not only accepts, but encourages people to call him Jimbo has no authority or ability to discipline young adults. Jameis could start his own ISIL splinter cell in Tallahassee and it would fall upon the AD and university president to mete out punishment.


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