P-F14: Week 3 NFL Results

What's going on in the NFL, you guys? Everyone is either injured, a really bad guy, or injured and a really bad guy!!

But these guys are RICH! And we are all a wee bit jealous of that. What if being somewhere on the super shtty guy spectrum was required to be truly great? Could you be great?

All of you that answered "Yes" can sit down now, you terrible bastards. I want to talk with the No's. 

Have you ever joked, "Who do I have to kill to get..."? 

Have you ever joked, "What woman do I have to knock the fk out to get..." 

No? Not the last one? Don't get all pissed at me for typing it. Those are just questions, and we can all agree that the answer about domestic violence is deplorable. But murder? That sht is funny. Am I right?

I'm just kidding y'all. All this stuff is screwing up the league. Can't we just go back to deciding if Redskins is racist?

You can't hate numbers, so check these: NFL WEEK 3 SCOREBOARD

But you know who may not be very racist? Week 3 winner Drop It Like It's Watt (KZ). She had the week wrapped up before Sunday Night Football. Nice.

Week 3 Bonus: Who scores more: JAX, OAK, or SD?
Jacksonville managed 10 against the Washington Red Skin Potatoes.
Oakland scored 14 because JJ Watt.
San Diego scored 30 on Seattle because huh, what? 

About a third of the league got that answer right, which I assume was because they recognized that Oakland and Jacksonville suck.

Now let's all ride out with one of my favorite mashups of all time.

"Don't be a lame, you know the game and how it goes, We tryna get chose" - Pick'em Game Anthem


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