P-F12: Week 12 NCAA Results

updated 11/18/12 1:52 PM

APOLOGIES. I wrote last week that the aggies bleeped the SEC's bed. That wasn't shit; that was chocolate, y'all. And we ate it. But Stanford and Baylor bleeped the Pac 12 and Big 12's beds, respectively. No way that is chocolate. It tastes different than the aggies' chocolate.

What?! You have to play the games? Here are some games.

Pickem-Football.com 2012 Week 12 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

Weekly Winner = 3pts. A-C (10/15 picks).

Double Digit Card (10+) = 3pts. A-C (10)

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. (62% of league) GN, DW, KS, JHa (new, thanks!), CCo, DCo, CG, JBe, MN, JC, AP, KP, DD, Lo, DT, JHu, ANe


WEEK 12 NCAA BONUS: The holidays are coming up. What are you looking forward to most?

Levain’s Cookies,  A-C: Good  question. I know, that's why I asked it. +1

Replacement Picks, ANe: Mrs. Claus. I'm afraid to ask. +2

A Northmen, ANo: Round the click football. YES! +4

Gig'em!, AP: Time with the Family! Softy. I like that. +3

Chicainery, CCa: Gl├╝hwein an der Weihnachtsmarkt: I had to Google that. For the rest of you guys, that translates to box wine from the corner store. +4

14 National Championships, CG: Being Drunk for 3 days, hopefully watching the Cowboys get their ass beat and eating until I puke. Traditionalist. +4

Double D, DD: 10 days between Cowboy losses. A side dish of hate. +3

TXH8R, DT: WINNING! And tiger blood! +2

Bevo XIV, DW: No work. Word. +3

Kentucky Wildmen, GF: Eating food, sleeping though the pro games, and watching the college games. What, no Cowboys? I thought you were a fan. +3

Ferments-A-Lot, GN: Clearing out the TiVo queue. I've got 100+ hours of work to do. +3

Pimp Possee, JBe: Feast, friends and felacio. Ahhh, the 3 F's of the holidays. +3

Monsters of the Midway, JBi: Holiday Leave. Relax yourself. +3

Bourbon Street Bounty Hunters, JC: The end of the fucking holidays. So I'm going to guess that you aren't into Christmas lights in early November? +2

SITKNM, JHa: Vacation and bowl games. These are a few of my favorite things. +3

JoeMama_TheGreek, JHu: Cranberry Sauce. Only appropriate during the holidays. +3

Mr. Smokeypants, KH: Padma's sweater puppies. I'm I the only one that doesn't understand the Padma thing? +3

Chumlee Banditos, KP: Pecan Pie and Egg Nog (alcoholic variety). I can get down with that.+3

Large Donkey IPA, KS: Homemade mac and cheese. I can really get down with that. +3

The Chex Mixers, KW: Not getting work email. I can't quit emails. +3

The Mad Bomber, KZ: Not working and football. If only both of those things lasted forever. +3

WhoDat4Life, Lo: Afternoon football. Afternoon delight. +3

One Man Wolf Pack, MF: Texans game. Sounds weird, but I like it. +3

AccidentChild, MN: Going to NYC! Nice. +3

BlitzKrieg RK Dressing up as Knecht Ruprecht and beating my kids with a switch. I had no idea that this was even a thing. +4


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