P-F12: Week 11 NCAA Results

updated 11/13/12 12:49 PM

Why -- the -- hell -- isn't Louisville in the BCS Championship conversation!? Oh yeah. Now I remember. And also, I found out Indiana isn't going to win the B1G. The rest of you already knew and picked that. What else, what else? Oh, yes, TEXAS AGGIES DRANK BAMA'S AND THE SEC'S MILKSHAKE!! Congrats, Farmers. You bleeped the SEC's bed, but that win seemed pretty sweet.

Hoorah! I've been sitting on that video for months :)


For the 2nd week in a row, I set the low bar for correct picks... but enough about me. Seriously, how about that Texas Longhorn defense?

The league was all over the Wisconsin, South Carolina, Texas, LSU, and Fresno State games. What did they all have in common? The favorites all covered. The games went 8 favs and 7 dogs. On every game that a dog won, the league percentage was under 50%.

You guys like favorites.

You guys like Johnny Football? He ain't the favorite in this play.

... or at least his t-shirt fans aren't...
Pickem-Football.com 2012 Week 11 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

Weekly Winner = 3pts. JHa, AP (10/15 picks).

Double Digit Card (10+) = 3pts. JHa, AP (10)

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. (55% of league) GN, DW, KS, CCo, DCo, CG, JBe, MN, JC, AP, KP, DD, Lo, DT, JHu, ANe

Best Bests = (choose your own parlay, straight up):
The Chex Mixers - KW (KSU, OK State, Texas. +1)
TXH8R - DT (OU, South Carolina, ND, UCLA, LSU. +4)
Ferments-A-Lot - GN (USC, South Carolina, OU, LSU, ND, UCLA. +8)
! Chumlee Banditos - KP (OU, ND, LSU, USC, South Carolina, KSU, Texas. +15)


Who is the favorite to win this thing? BlitzKrieg (RK) has a stout 5 point lead. DT, AP, and DW have a legit shot at catching or landing that #2 spot, which pays out also.


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