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P-F12: Week 1 Card

The Week 1 NCAA card is now live. Let's get it started like a pop rap radio edit, y'all!

The general due date for each week's card is before the kickoff the first game, which in this case means 9/1/12 8:00AM Central (Dublin game, slainte!)

I know late picks happen, and I'll always take any pick that gets to me before the kickoff of a game. All your picks are time-stamped by the Google form, so don't even try with the "my iPhone lost my picks" excuse. Whatever Google says goes.

Also, I've added the ability for you to send partial cards or edits to you picks. If you fill out the form a second time, just send the picks you want to change and it will automatically be changed online. Note, the form won't stop you from making late picks or cheating, but I'll audit everything at the end of the week.

The Links:

WEEK 1 PRINTABLE CARD LINK (for those that like to do your picks on paper first)

Quick Refresher:

  • NCAA games are picked against the spread (NFL will be straight up).
  • The picks are made using a Google Doc form. It is so awesome that you can even do it from your wireless pocket phone.
  • Remember to check for bonus questions. I give away bonus points for answers, but these points DO NOT count toward your overall pickem score. To win the pickem contest, you have to have picked the most games right. Simple.
  • A pick for any game is technically due BEFORE the kickoff of that game. Bribes are accepted. No cheating.
  • If you have submitted your picks and want to change anything, you can:
    • Fill out the form again, but only pick the game(s) you want to change You don't have to fill out the entire card to just change a few picks.
    • Email me with your change (
    • Text me with you change (I'll email you my phone number)
  • If you forget your picks altogether, you won't get a zero for the week. Instead, you'll get the score of whoever was the lowest scoring picker for that week.
If any of you know someone who may want to play, send them the link to the blog post or the card link. Filling out the card is every person's official commitment. We'll talk entry fees ($25) in the next few weeks. 

Any other questions?


  1. Sweet, this could not have come soon enough! Need a point spread on the Dublin game for the Card (shows up on the printable).

  2. I understand logistically it doesn't work, but wish we could have had some of the Thurs/Fri games. A&M (-7.5) vs. LaTech one of the more intriguing. As is Vandy (+7)/Cocky. Boise getting a TD at Michigan State. Boise hasn't lost by more than a TD on the mainland since 2005. Vols(-3.5)/Wolf Pack round out the pre-Saturday games of interest from here!

  3. Oops, make that Boise loss by more than a TD stat 2007 (missed a loss to Washington in there).

  4. My bad on the Dublin game. I've been testing some new tricks behind the P-F curtain. I must have erased it after the first card build (which generates the print card, btw).

    I feel you on the Thursday games, but I never do early week games in Week 1. Most people need all the time they can get to fight registration procrastination.

    And seriously, A&M is playing on Thursdays now? Very un-big time. If they close their eyes and squeeze their nuts real tight, they can pretend it is Thanksgiving.

  5. I love that the opening weekend of college football is a 5 day Fiesta, brings new meaning to "Every Day should be Saturday"

  6. The biggest missing game on the card (again, I've ignored anything before Saturday to give people time to sign up and get used to the system) is Sunday's SMU/Baylor game. I just overlooked it.

  7. I'll take the Ponies to cover, maybe win. #GoGarrettGilbert

  8. Chumlee's BanditosAugust 27, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    Who the heck picked these spreads...he/she/they must have been hitting the bong really hard! I think I am only picking two teams to cover and they are...

  9. Definitely going Dog heavy. Just too many question marks to justify huge spreads on all the overrated teams.

  10. I'm *always* smarter than Vegas pre-kickoff. To my knowledge, there is only one bogus spread on the card. I'm guessing that is one of your cover picks (and best bets). It was a gift.

  11. Wondering how one would do if you took the "under" for every SEC conference game this year?

  12. Any fanatic will tell you that they play a lot of defense in the SEC. Did you see that offensive power tonight? Defense was kryptonite.


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