Bama Makes It 15 National Championships

...predicts P-F's Bevo XIV. Also, Sonny Dykes takes LA Tech to the top (of the WAC). Check out his predictions as we get ready for this season to kick off.

2012 College Football Preview via @lhd_on_sports


  1. Really only their 8th legit one, only 5th since WWII:

    Titles that were a popularity joke:
    1926 Tied Stanford (also undefeated), there weren't even polls back then, they just claimed it
    1964 lost to Texas in the Orange Bowl, somehow still voted ahead of undefeated Arkansas (who beat Texas)
    1965 didn't even get 10 wins (had a loss and tie), somehow still voted ahead of 10-1 Arkansas and 10-1 Michigan State
    1973 Finished 4th in the AP poll, lost to Notre Dame who didn't lose a game
    1978 Lost to #2 Southern Cal (in Birmingham) who finished with same record
    2011 Didn't win conference, lost to #2 LSU (again at home) who ended with same record and actually won the conference

  2. I forgot to put A&M in my poll. Oh wait, not really.


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