Tee Martin Was White!?!

I just picked up my copy of NCAA Football 10 for the ps3, which guarantees that I'll be getting less sleep and the family will have to find something other than the "big TV" to watch... at least for the next few months.

The draw of the game, besides Erin Andrews' inclusion this year, is being able prove your team reigns supreme. And if despite your best efforts, your team still doesn't have what it takes... you can just edit the player stats to "correct" your deficiencies. Or, just create yourself and insert him into your lineup.

Recently the topic of NCAA 10 came up on the Sean and John show at 1560AM The Game. John Harris is a college football uber-geek. A professor. An encyclopedia of football knowledge. Check out the hilarity when John reminisces on his purchase of NFL Gameday 97 for the ps1 back in the day.

The discussion gets going the 8 minute mark. Over the next few minutes the conversation goes off the rails he even goes off on Friday Night Lights. He returned the game because all the names, numbers, and player attributes were all wrong. "Tee Martin was white!?!" Greatness.


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