P-F21: Week 10 NFL Bonus - Baseball is over, now what?

Losing baseball season isn’t like losing football, but it can still be a difficult event for some. While we are deprived of baseball season’s physical presence, we can still reconcile -- you know what, we’ll figure it out. Below are some ways you are honoring the memory or just moving right along.


Astros! (AP): “Go to sleep on time during the week!” (3) -- apparently you aren’t into MACtion

Beelzebubbles (CC): “Now I can get some decent sleep during the work week” (3)

More time for football

18 National Championships (CG): “Plenty of football and golf” (2)

Bite a Kneecap Offs (RK): “MACtion!” (4) -- yes!

Holiday, celebrate!

Masks [ON]/OFF (RH): “Fried turkey, gravy and pie, oh my!!” (5) -- love this answer

Swamp Dogs (DR): “Christmas!!! Put up that tree!” (3)

Any (other) sport will do

A Northmen (AN): “bout time to focus on the real sport, table tennis!!” (4) -- feels like a baseball slight

T-Horns Fall (AM): “Water polo season is here” (4) -- I'm on to you guys

Huntwick Hosers (KW): “College Football Playoff talk, definitely not basketball” (4) -- just talking about future football >> baseball

Bourbon Barristers (KH): “Canelo tonight!!!” (3)

Shake and Baker (JN): “I didn’t notice” (3) -- they don't have baseball in the sooner state?

Cornholio's Bunghole (BO): “We can cheer on the Rockets to a championship!  Oh wait, they're 1-6...” (3) -- yeeeaaaahhhh

More time for picks

Riggsmtb713 (CR): “How did I not Get this pick ‘em ??” (2) -- more time for checking email too ;)

Left Hand Scissors (GN): “No one is picking baseball, you guys” (3)

Baseball is always on my mind

Bevo XV (DW): “Joe West's retirement party.  Attended by no one.” (3)

Variants are for beer (KS): “Free agency” (4)

Accidentchild (MN): “Arguing whether the Astros are cheaters or just smarter.” (3) -- it’s not a binary thing

Monkey stuff

Buddy the Chimp (BC): “Strip clubs” (4) -- Buddy, I see what you did there, you assassin





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