P-F21: Week 7 NFL Bonus: Best news of the year!

It’s a mad world. Let’s parse out some good. Everyone gets POSITIVE bonus scores!

(One thing though. I forgot to add “in the NFL” to my bonus question, but maybe you guys behaved yourselves)

A Northmen (AN): “Brittney's dad will no longer be her conservator! #freebritney” She went on with a bunch of crap about TSwift, but I’ll spare you. On Brit, of course, she should have the right the fk up her life. That’s great news! +4

T-Horns (AM): “Matt Jones developing earlier than expected.” Wait, are we talking about Mac Jones? +2?

Astros! (AP): “OU/Texas coming to the SEC!” This is great news. See what happened is Texas got in OU’s head, then Texas “Trojan Horsed” their themselves in the SEC, where Texas will then ruin the SEC from the inside. +3

Buddy the Chimp (BC): “Bananas.” Buddy, you get bananas all the time. Dream bigger. +3

Cornholio's Bunghole (BO): “Just destroying America is not enough for Joe Biden, so he destroyed Afghanistan. I wonder what country will be next?” Russia will destroy Biden before he gets too much credit for American chaos. +2

Beelzebubbles (CC): “The  William Shatner ride to the edge of space of course!!!!!” I love this answer. +4

18 National Championships (CG): “That Roger Goodell continues to be a solid little bitch in having his minions comb through all NFL staff emails. I wonder what his inbox would turn up. FK you Roger, signed all Saints fans.” This is the best news for Saints fans, apparently. +4

Riggsmtb713 (CR): “Trump 2024.” But wouldn’t the best development be who is chosen for VP? +2

Swamp Dogs (DR): “Urban Meyer being lapdanced was pretty fun.” I’d never sympathized with Meyer until that moment. +3

Bevo XV (DW): “Urban Meyer's lap dance.” Seems like it’s been since the last answer that I sympathized with Meyer. +3

Left Hand Scissors (GN): “It looks like we are just about done canceling people.” j/k lol +3

Shake and Baker (JN): “Brandon.” If you think I disagree, then I disagree with you. +3

Bourbon Barristers (KH): “Manning cast!” This is may not be the only best answer, but it’s the only correct answer. +5

Variants are for beer (KS): “The current pickem scoreboard.” We’ll love you if you are losing too. +3

Huntwick Hosers (KW): “Jerry Jones has been oddly quiet, I wonder if his new TV deal says that he has to keep a lower profile.” Which one of those is the lesser of evils? +2

Accidentchild (MN): “Diggs.” He’s been amazing. +4

Masks [ON]/OFF (RH): “Finally, an attempt to ease the backlogs at shipping ports was announced this morning.  Fingers crossed.” We could ease the backlog if we created some sort of “support the dock workers” campaign. +3


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