P-F13: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 5 - A Note From The Commissioner, Don't Let Me Down

(hit play for the full effect)

(The commissioner walks out with a slow, short cycled head bob. Finger point. Finger point. He makes his way to the podium in the middle of the stage. White-guy pistol shot to stage left.)

When I made myself Commissioner a little over a decade ago, I didn't know the magnitude of the challenge before me. I was merely copying a online game by a local Austin news station. Now I'm entrusted with promoting and protecting picks from all over the globe. Each pick representing the gamble of someone's hard earned penny.

But I also have another important role: Science .... Innovation .... Ensuring .... Challenges .... Ideas .... Translation .... Product .... Opportunity. Stuff.

Today is a critical day for Bowl Picks. Despite some of us struggling in this Pick'em economy, there are signs that several of you could still win this thing. Today's games could make or break some of you, but no matter what happens, remember that you'll always have your health. (ed note: Pick'em Dash Football is not responsible for your health -- see FDA.gov).

I think you will all agree based on the above that it is clear that the Bowl Pick'em Challenge is at an important crossroad today. A crossroad where the science of confidence picking presents you with an opportunity to leave your fellow Pick'em friends in your dust. Capitalize on today. Globe. Family. Leader. Goal.

C'mon motherfuckers, c'mon. Don't let me down.

CONGRATS TO 15 National Championships (CG) on the victory.

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