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P-F10: Week 14 NFL Bonus: Veggie Stuffed Veggies

Vegetables are mthrfkn delicious. The only thing that's more deliciouser than a vegetable is two veggies. Turn on your inner foodie and let me know what vegetable would you improve by stuffing with another vegetable. Also let me know how you would prepare your dish, you know, in case it sounds awesome and I want to make it.
Point explanations: As always, points are given completely objectively, as long as you and I agree on my preferred use of the word objective.
All answers start with 2 points.
+1-2 for creativity
+1 if you told me how to make it
+1 if I LOL'd or whatever
Team Name Answer Points Comments
ANo Northmen I like corn and greenbeans but I have NO idea how'd or what I'd stuff into the other. Maybe a deepfriend (fair style) greenbean pocket with corn stuffed in the middle and dip it in ranch. Everything is better in ranch.  4 +1 for frying. +1 for ranch.
GN Ferments-A-Lot I like to take the top part of the carrot, corn cobs, potatoes, lettuce etc. and stuff them inside each other and/or mix them in a large container. Next I like to stuff this concoction into a pigs mouth. Then, I like to kill that pig, cut it up into pieces, superheat the flesh, and eat all his delicious parts. Actually, I like it when someone else does everything but the heating and eating part for me. Actually, I like it when I only have to do the eating. 5 Seriously, how does he come up with this stuff?
KW The Swinging Richards Roast a corn on the cob, eggplant and a jalapeno on the grill.  Remove corn from cob.  Slice and de-seed the jalapeno.  Cut the grilled eggplant into 1/2 inch size cubes.  Mix the eggplant, jalapeno and corn in a bowl until evenly distributed.  Gut a bell but removing the stalk and de-seed.  Stuff the eggplant, jalapeno and corn into the bell pepper and bake at 350F until bell pepper is soft and delicious. 5 +3 for clearly being awesome.
DW Bevo XIV Spinach stuffed with Chick-peas. Soften the chick peas over the stove, stuff them in grape leaves, THEN (and this part is cheating) take a tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls, and roll each spinach chickpea combo in the triangle cut outs.  Bake per instructions on the tube (like 11 minutes at 375). 5 This sht is gonna get realz when I serve this stuff at the next party you come to. +3
KH Smokey's Bandits Disgusting. Stop making fun of paraplegics. 5 Well played.
WH The Cheerios 1. roasted tomato stuffed inside an eggplant, then batter the whole thing in parmesan/italian bed crumbs and deep fry -- yummy....  even better if you stuff the tomato with basil first --- triple veggie stuff -- i better get some bonus pts for that.
2. creamed corn stuffed inside fried green tomatoes.  i wish i knew how to make it.  i wish you knew how to make it so you could make it for me.
5 Two entries!
KZ Duffy creamed spinach inside butternut squash. not sure on the recipe yet, momma hopkins just made it up. but I will let you know when she perfects it. 4 +2 for going the "momma" route.
CCa Novacain Is this a joke?  Are you mocking me?  I better get more than 0 points this week mthrfkr.  I am partial to stuffed peppers, which are generally stuffed with things other than just vegetables, but the mixture often includes onions. 5 Say what? Mock? I like how just in case you half-assed a suggestion. :)
KS Large Donkey Circus Broccoli stuffed artichoke covered in cheese and bacon..... 4 Cheese and bacon make everything better.
JH Nothing to Lose jalapeno pepper stuffed with a sweet potato, rolled in a beer batter, and deep fried 4 I want to know if you've had that before. Sounds weird, but delicious.
GF Kentucky Snowman 0
A-C The Nine-Five Broccoli wrapped in spinach.  Like pigs in a blanket without the pig or blanket. 4 I will take your word for it. +2 for the description and creativity.
CCo Beelzebubbles Take a jalapeno, cut it in half then gut it. stuff it with zuchini..but really here is what I made the other day-and in all my years of tailgating I have never seen it. I took jalapenos cut in half then gutted. Then took cheddar cheese and put it in the middle of the jalapenos-stuck them back together then took sausage (like breakfast sausage) and covered them making them in to little balls. Then you take your little balls and then you roll them in shake in bake then take your shaked and baked balls and bake them for 45 minutes..nom nom nom 5 Why am I not surprised you are really into spicy balls?
DC Cacti3 0
CG 13 National Championships Bell peppers stuffed with jalapenos, cheese and bacon. bring it son 4 I'm in.
JM The Red Raiders 0
JB Pimp Possee stuffing eggplant with artichokes 4 You know what though. I hate eggplant. I don't hate veggies, I hate eggplant. Why do people eat it?
JN Naked Bootleggers 0
MN Football is Fun 0
ANe Accidental Champs Zucchini- battered and fried, stuffed with Cream Corn. 4 Another creamed corn recipe. I like creamed corn in sht.
RK BlitzKrieg 0
MF One Man Wolfpack Damn commish,
Red meat stuffed with red meat topped with red meat, grilled.
Veggies are for sissies 
3 Oh yeah. Say my name! Say my name!!
Lo WhooDat4Life One of the guys at work (who is a vegetarian) puts his own twist on lettuce wraps. He makes basically a pico de gallo/guacamole mixtureand leaves it kinda chunky and rolls it up in lettuce leaves. Damn good and damn spicy! 4 Probably tastes like that stuff I push off the top of my Tex-Mex platters.
AP Gig'em Okra inside a bitter melon! Slice the bitter melon open on one side, stuff some cut up okra, and spices into the bitter melon. Tie a thread around the bitter melon to keep everything in and either bake in the oven or slow sizzle it on a pan with olive oil...then enjoy :) 5 Damn. I don't even know what a bitter melon is. I'm down for that though.

Bitter Melon, y'all


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